Elisa Faires: Musician, Vocalist, Composer


Elisa Faires has been singing since she was eight years old. Her early beginnings were rooted in choral singing, and in college she studied opera and classical music as well as electronic music. After studying at the University she spent three years dedicated to her study and singing in Opera and began to pursue a career. In fact, one of her teachers was the great Dr. Robert Moog. As a reaction to the her rigorous training in technique and repertoire, she began improvisation with others and started recording and performing her own experimental music. After having many auditions and classical concerts she decided the conventional Opera scene was not where she wanted to be. She went on to Bali Indonesia to study Classical Balinese gamelan and to experience the culture that surrounds the music. Since then she has performed and recorded with several different projects such as Paw of Zing, Imaginary Numbers, Xambuca, Hans Joachim Roedelius, Void Ensemble, and with Meg Mulhearn in their project Spectral Habitat. She has led many improvisational workshops and groups in creative music and sound over the years. For the past 7 years she has been experimenting with vocals and harmonies using multi tracking, loops, effects, and electronics. She previously has presented sound installations and interacted live in one of her pieces entitled "Photosynthesis" and another “Dialoga Aquila” for The Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center’s ReHappening festival. She was awarded a grant in 2007 from Met Life with their Meet the Composer grant.

She additionally composes music for Butoh dance, motion sculpture and performance art. She has composed and performed with Butoh Legacy Asheville, Anemone Dance Theater, and Cilla Vee Life Arts. She has been working with some of these dance companies for over than 10 years.

She has been touring since 2012 and has played at the More Ohr Less Festival in Lunz Austria, in Berlin, and in Budapest, and has toured extensively throughout the United States.

Though she has been recording and performing music for most of her life with others in many projects, Elisa completed her debut solo album, Elixir No .444, in 2012. Her second album, Photosynthesis, was released in 2014 on the Erototox Decodings record label. She has two new albums to be released later in 2017, one solo and one with Meg Mulhearn.