Spectral Habitat


Spectral Habitat is Elisa Faires’ duo project with vocalist, violinist and sound artist Meg Mulhearn which uses vocals, violin, effects, synthesizers, and field recordings to create ethereal soundscapes. Rooted in the natural world, their music is also created with the intention to both heal and bring people together.

Together, Faires and Mulheran have embarked on several US tours and engaged in many collaborations with other artists, dancers, and improvisers all over the world. Highlights of 2018 so far have included playing at Big Ears festival and as part of Columbus, Ohio’s Fuse Factory’s First Fridays experimental music series, they are very excited to announce that they have finished their first album, Story of a Single Bird (2019). Composed in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and their home in the mountains of Western North Carolina, within this album they together seek to reflect unique inner and outer landscapes.